Policy Agreement for All Projects

Please read throughly and contact us for questions at WeAreHerbalActionProject@Gmail.com

Policy and Agreements

Hello Schools and Projects

We are excited to be part of our growing journey and to spread the seeds of knowledge!

Here are a few notes to keep in mind before and during our project!

Lessons and Projects :

All of our lesson plans and session plans are based on equal inclusivity; each education lesson plan is fifteen minutes long with open- ended exploration guided by the children. We recommend that each session caps at half an hour to one full hour. The exploration of the lesson is based on the natural wonder of the child with focus on Reggio Emilia & Montessori ethics blended with a Nature- Forest School aspect. Our volunteer educators bounce from school district locations throughout the region and they are expected to arrive at point When the GardenLesson Starts and not when the appointed time of the institute schedule - Guided Example: if the appointed class time is at 10am and the Garden Lesson Plan is at 10:30am, the volunteer educator should be expected at 10:30am for the lesson devotion. (each garden lesson session has a value of $120 per lesson). All materials for each lesson should be pre-purchased by the schools and institutes prior. Each session lesson has a materials list to follow, this is the responsibility of the school coordinators and host sites to have on hand before our volunteer educators arrive.

Safety Protocols:

On school and institute grounds - it is our prime focus to support the well being of our students, volunteer staff and host sites. There should be at least 2 host site coordinators to facilitate the well being of each attendee and student. Note- It is not the responsibility of our volunteer staff to be caretakers of children and students. Our obligation is to provide education and experience. It is not our responsibility to check-in / drop-off nor send-out students to other classes nor programs while the garden program is active on school grounds and host sites. It is the responsibility of the institute or school to provide PPE, CPR Equipment, First Aid Materials and Natural Disaster Protocols including Fire Safety Protocols.

Donations and Tools:

All donations are final (including singular donations to volunteer educators and staff). Note: we will not refund payment after 2 sessions/lessons have been devoted. There are many devoted hours to seek our volunteers in your region, form lesson plans and calculate time offered for volunteering. Tools- materials donated are provided for future community projects, any donated tools will be distributed to these organizations and schools in need.

Inclusivity and Equality:

All of our schools follow the same lesson plans as our fulfillment to education is to distribute equal knowledge to all parties. Our educators and volunteers come from all backgrounds, with their own teaching style and diverse embodiment to knowledge of nature and botanical expressions.

The Bow-out method:

If at any time our HerbalAction educators and volunteers feel threatened, emotionally pushed or not supported by the leadership of the schools/organizations, we will politely Bow-Out of the program. We are an Equal Opportunity Program and we will not tolerate disrespect or any kind. We operate with the kindness of community and fellow organizations around the nation to provide the best experience and support for our students and their emotional development. Note: Our volunteers & educators may bow-out of the program after 2 lessons/sessions have been devoted, the schools may keep our program lessons for the reminder of their session; however our volunteers and educators have the option to not be present after the 2 beginning sessions have been devoted.

Other Agreements: If one of our educators is hired by schools and organizations as a substitute teacher or TA; the school/ institute has every right to follow their own protocols outside of our community projects. Note: Seasonal Teachers, Substitute Educators and Teaching Assistants must follow standard State laws and obligations of the institute they are hired at (outside the Herbal Action Project Contracts).